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  1. Bring Spring Indoors With These Great Decorating Tips

    March 15, 2014 by admin

    Do you long for a breath of spring? Now you can have spring indoors no matter what the weather is doing outside! Here are five easy tips to bring spring into your home before the weather cooperates.

    1) Dress up your windows with beautiful wallpaper shades! If you really want a way to add color to a room, liven up your plain white window shades with a bright spring wallpaper. By covering the shades and lowering them slightly, you create instant interest, especially in a room dominated by neutral tones.

    2) Paint furniture white. If you have inexpensive pieces that need a retouch, quickly paint them white and add pops of color atop them with photo frames, vases and other bric-a-brac. The white will bring a light, airy feel to the room.

    3) Reupholster with old curtains. Do you have a bright curtain that simply does not match your décor but that you are reluctant to give away or throw out? Try using curtain material, which is often thick and durable, as covering for an accent chair or even a love seat. The bright prints you find in curtains make a great way to bring color into a room. You can have the chair reupholstered professionally or make your own slipcover, depending on your abilities.

    4) Mix and match bedding or pillows. Mixing and matching your bedding, pillows or other accent pieces makes for a nice, inexpensive change and can set the tone for the whole room. If you do not already have a comforter lurking in storage, hit a white sale and find one. If that is too expensive for your spring redecorating budget, consider adding a “runner”—a piece that goes across the foot of the bed—in a contrasting shade or just grab, or make, a few throw pillows in bright fabrics.

    5) Hang groupings on your wall. Most of us think of hanging pictures when we think of walls, but other objects also make great focal points. Bright plates, handmade quilt blocks or even wrought-iron plant pot holders are great grouped together, and best of all, these groups do not have to match!
    As you swing into spring, share some of your favorite decorative ideas and tell us how you bring the bright light and colors of the season into your home.

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  2. Simple Home Décor Tips

    November 25, 2013 by admin

    Interior design

    Interior design (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Blair Stover has put together some ideas to help you createand design you home.

    When working with design and décor of the modern day, here’s a thought plenty of people have often had serious issues with: choosing the right color for your home. When a piece of furniture, cushion, paint color or lamp is chosen, it is not always easy to find the right color that will fit in perfectly with the decor of the room. The task can be even harder when you’re starting from scratch.

    So how do the experts decide what color goes on the inside? Interior design experts say, “When in doubt, go dark.”

    Many first time homeowners tend to choose lighter, less risky choices when choosing an interior color. But this is where risks can really help you with décor. Being less risky will limit the personality that is given to a room and, in the end, you can really end up regretting your choice.

    Never hesitate between beige and taupe, between dark and light gray, taupe and chocolate between brown and black. The rule that most designers have set is that when you doubt between two colors, go with the darkest. It often happens that the darker is the most elegant, the classiest, and the most daring.

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  3. Fall Trends: Stone

    November 14, 2013 by admin

    A fall trend toward natural elements and nature has arrived. Blair Stover reports that décor in rock and mineral themes are this fall’s trend, along with metallic, grainy woods and other textural elements.

    Polished slice of petrified wood

    Polished slice of petrified wood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Often, one can find real minerals and rocks that have been integrated into decorative items. Some designers find that they really respond to the primitiveness and its divergent qualities of the rocks and minerals. Designers are also enjoying layering these natural elements to create a collected space.

    In addition to this, designers are very much enjoying the range of colors offered in the stone and mineral looks. The color options seem endless, from the neutral stones to the bright agates. Finding a big statement for a room is simple. For example, a lamp finial can be created from unusual specimens like petrified wood, iridescent labradorite or blue-tinged chrysophase.

    Aside from their beautiful aesthetics, some stones have special properties, according to various cultures. As an example, jade is a protective stone as viewed by the Chinese, thus it is found often in Feng Shui. The Vikings felt that navigation was aided by carrying calcite. A family of minerals including onyx, agate, and jasper called chalcedony is considered by Native Americans as capable of courage and strength.

    It is easy to add a touch of stone through a table lamp. Marble pieces can be buffed softly and then made into a lamp base that produces a gorgeous translucence when it is lit. These can be found in collections from well-known designers, and can be integrated into your own décor easily enough.

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  4. Season Trend: Metallics

    October 22, 2013 by admin

    The newest décor trend is actually an old one: metallic accents and finishes. Blair Stover reports that these metallic are showing up everywhere! This “Metropolitan look” offers splashes of reflection in your

    metallic effect_Pulpo3_LR

    metallic effect_Pulpo3_LR (Photo credit: decor8)

    décor and can bring strength into a room by anchoring pieces. On board with this fall trend? Take a look at a few tips below to help you maximize those accent pieces you love.

    For your metallics to look modern, keep to the oil-rubbed bronze, coppers, matte and silver finishes. Refrain from shiny golds, as too-shiny is out and considered on the flashier, gaudy side of the trend. If you prefer golds, gravitate toward the burnish finish so that it is more subdued.

    Design consultants are reporting that those in their 30s and 40s are liking the metropolitan look quite a bit. Metallics do not need to take over your house. A dining room table can have the traditional glass top but incorporate the Metropolitan look with a beautiful chrome base. This creates a chic casual look.

    A sofa of traditional design can pull in the Metropolitan look with metal nail heads on the trim. To accentuate the metallic look, a great metal tortoise shell accent piece can go a long way, as can cast-iron décor pieces, such as a cast-iron bear placed so that it is peeking out from under the coffee table. Metallics compliment warm woods quite nicely, so if you have warmer furniture consider adding a splash of silver, gold, or bronze.

    Contrary to the subdued, more hidden metallic accents in the rest of the house, shiny bedding has made a comeback. If you are having flashbacks of satin sheets from the 1970s, steer toward a more subdued look. Think shiny, but not screaming, such as soft gray or silver. This is true for other linens throughout the house as well.

    What is your favorite metallic accent piece you currently have in your home?

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  5. Tips to Design the Perfect Home Office

    October 8, 2013 by admin

    No one likes working in a bland office space, especially when that office is at home. You deserve a lot more than just an extra chair and desk thrown into a corner. A home office is reflective of who you are and what type of home you live in. You should feel comfortable working and living in it.

    English: An office chair that can swivel and b...

    English: An office chair that can swivel and be adjusted to various heights and angles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Here is a list of tips that will help you create the perfect working home space in the comfort of your own home, brought to you by Blair Stover Interior Design.

    1. It’s all about the location. You want to be comfortable when working at your desk so don’t cram yourself into a corner or a closet. Consider the flow of traffic and if you will have clientele stopping by as well.
    2. Never substitute form for function. Storage spaces, shelves and your desk are there to serve you. It isn’t the other way around. Make sure everything goes together. Décor means everything if you have the space.
    3. Get a great chair. Spending hours in an office chair can literally mean health problems down the road. You can alleviate that problem by purchasing a comfortable seat that suits you.
    4. It’s your home so paint the walls to suit you. You aren’t in an office building; you’re in your home. So, why don’t you act like it? Paint the walls with a color that will soothe the savage beast in you.
    5. A view is everything. No one wants to look at a blank wall, do they? Park yourself in front of a window that has a beautiful view (if it’s possible).
    6. Accessorize. Try to enhance your home office setting by getting a few things that will help you feel comfortable while working. Classic paintings, coffee mugs to stick your pens and pencils in and decorative waste baskets are all a great place to start.

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  6. Unclutter the Kitchen

    September 27, 2013 by admin

    Need a bit of reorganization? Try giving one of the most popular rooms in the house a fresh new feel. Blair Stover offers tips to help you unclutter your kitchen and give you a new start to the upcoming holiday season.

    A contemporary kitchen pantry.

    A contemporary kitchen pantry. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    For starters, try stashing stuff in plain sight. It sounds silly, but open shelves keep everyday pans, pots and serving dishes within easy reach. Additionally, built-in knife slots in a kitchen’s butcher block will keep your culinary tools handy.

    Next, keep the kids in mind. Include hide-away kitchen storage filled with art supplies to keep the little ones busy while you finish up your dinner prep. Find the most storage space with roll-out shelves at the end of an island. This leaves kids with easy access to paper, crayons, etc. and an easy way to clean it all up.

    Create a place for everything by customizing your pantry. Utilize shallow drawers, pullout baskets and shelves to make a place for everything.  The size of your pantry is not as important as how you make use of the space you have. While planning out your pantry, think vertically. Storage can be created using the height of your kitchen. Attach shelves to tall pantry doors for additional storage.

    Curved cradles offer safe storage for glass bottles of any type. These shelves can transform your pantry into a beverage storage center. You can store wine, soda, or water, as bottles lie on their sides. You will no longer fear the bottles crashing off of the shelves.

    Keep spices east to grab. Spices do not have to go on a wall-mounted rack. They can store very nicely within a drawer, keeping them handy. This also helps in preserving their flavors by protecting them from moisture, heat and sunlight.

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  7. Fall Color Schemes, Decorating Tips, and More

    September 13, 2013 by admin

    Spring and fall are the two times of year that people really get into decorating and redecorating their homes. With so many color schemes to choose from, picking the right one can be virtually impossible. As we explain here on Blair Stover, however, following some of these easy decorating tips could help you out a little.

    1. Khaki + Rustic Ruby. Any neutral palette will awaken with a pop of warm, rich coloring. Entice your living area with saturated accented colors that have brown undertones.
    2. Citrus Orange + Pale Peach. Earthy hues alone just won’t cut it. Make sure there is some warmth in there and use it with various shades.
    3. Driftwood + Weathered Walnut. Wood is the type of surface that will support almost anything, especially warm color palettes. Just don’t go too far to where your home looks like a cabin. Use wood-inspired colors and then throw in some earthy colors to accentuate the wood.
    4. Curry + Moroccan Red. A little bit of international inspiration can go a long way when choosing exotic and vibrant colors. Throw a little orange and red into the mix and you can turn any bland home into a beautiful setting.
    5. Barnwood + Rattan. Woven fabrics, metals, wicker and rattan can convey comfort. You can find that the most unusual of things can carry warm tones that will help balance out room comfort.
    6. Weathered Gray + Flax. Cool neutral colors can really help you turn down the heat, so to speak, and allow a home to be welcoming and still have a sophisticated edge.

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  8. Multi-Purpose Web Platforms

    August 28, 2013 by admin

    Interior design isn’t just about your home! For many, their blog is as much a part of their life as their living room, so here’s a bit of news on the “interior design” front of web design for you all.

    Finding a theme that will do most of what you need and then customizing the rest is hard work. Preserving the interaction and design goodness in your theme should be your end result but most people don’t have the time or skills needed to even perform simple things like recreate demos. As Blair Stover describes below, DMS (or Design Management System) could be the answer to many issues.

    DMS can be installed into WordPress like any other theme. That is, however, where all the resemblance between the two ends. DMS creates a certain interface with drag-and-drop components when building your site. In all actuality, DMS transforms the construction and design of a WordPress site from the usual back-end process into a front-end experience. The immediate feedback will give you a tremendous amount of development time back as it takes a lot of the guesswork out of designing a site.

    For people who are unsure how websites are made, there are two categories, dynamic and static. Static sites are made to not change very often. The layout and visual effect is minimal and is usually based on screen size. Google, for example, doesn’t like static sites because it wants your website to be very specific and updated frequently. Static sites are not like that – only dynamic sites are and DMS will help you with that change.

    There is plenty of complexity behind the scenes when it comes to trying to make something user friendly. A great example is WordPress because the system needs to manage a massive amount of files. In most cases, there are several places you can look when changes to configuration settings happen. The problem is that you don’t always see the change right off the bat. DMS covers this area and much more.

    While DMS is still fairly new the service is gaining in popularity. Will you be using DMS or will you be sticking with WordPress or pre-packaged themes?

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  9. Tips for Making a Small Bathroom Appear Larger

    August 9, 2013 by admin

    Do you wish your bathroom was bigger? Blair Stover outlines some tips that will help your bathroom appear larger without having to actually knock out a wall. Making simple changes, such as hanging streamlined vertical mirrors, can help to make your small bathroom look much bigger and more spacious.

    English: Black and white tiles bathroom

    English: Black and white tiles bathroom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


    Begin your bathroom make-over by showing a little more wall space. Bathroom cabinet doors tend to visibly weigh down a smaller bathroom. Installing a furniture style of vanity keeps the look lighter and more open. You can still use baskets for storage so that you do not lose valuable storage space.

    In addition to this, many vanities of this type are equipped with small drawers. Drawers placed off to the sides would be ideal in keeping the unit looking open and airy. Even a fabric curtain to hide under-sink storage allows a softer, more open feeling than traditional cabinets. Keeping with this idea, a pedestal sink, or two, opens up a small bathroom space. Using a traditional style sink often obscures the view of other fixtures in the space.

    A simple way to make a dynamic change is to pluck out a few of your existing tiles and replace them with decorative glass tiles. Use differing glass tiles for a mosaic motif. This is a fabulous way to take mundane tile work vibrant and artistic.

    Additionally, an unexpected light fixture, such as a chandelier can add some shimmer to your bathroom space. A skylight is another way to add a splash of natural light into the area. More light makes a room feel larger.

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  10. Cover Up That Blank Wall

    July 26, 2013 by admin

    Staring at a blank wall is almost as bad as staring outside a window that faces a brick wall. It is time that you take back your creative spirit and spruce up your walls using a little bit of decorative pizzazz and ingenuity. Here are some ways fun ways we’ve found to brighten the view, here at Blair Stover:

    1. Stylish Silhouettes. Get creative with shapes. For example, try using appliance and cooking utensil cutouts as the subject matter. Back them up with photocopied pages from old cookbooks.
    2. Attention Grabbers. Oversize pieces of artwork are perfect and can bring  boldness to a more neutral styled room.
    3. Tiled Artwork. Do something that catches the eye. If you want to bring a farm look, a barn would be optimal.
    4. DIY Botanical Prints. Plastic or silk greenery laid on a white canvas will give you a beautiful silhouette.
    5. Artsy Calendars. A calendar can function as a piece of art just like anything else can.
    6. Sun Photo Prints. Photo sensitive paper can work wonders for a bland wall.
    7. A Bit of Nature. Make sure you take nature and bring it inside. A magnificent view can brighten any wall.
    8. Laying the Plans. Take a trip to flea markets and antique shops. Finding vintage blueprints or maps could actually double as perfect wall art and add a fun theme to a room.
    9. Natural Beauty. Vintage botanical prints can cost next to nothing these days. Or even try a vase of live flowers.
    10. Small Space Décor. Floating shelves can do a lot for a bare wall. Decorate them with small pictures or knick-knacks.
    11. Upper Gallery. That space near the top of your wall (near the ceiling) that seem to never get used are perfect for wall art or even trinkets.

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