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December, 2012

  1. Interior Design Ideas On a Budget

    December 26, 2012 by BlairStover

    Interior decorating is not straightforward, as there are numerous individual tastes to discover and understand. It all starts with your own style. When decorating your home, it takes time to find the style you would like to incorporate in the design, starting with colors, accessories, furniture, lighting, etc.

    You must know your taste, style and preferences before you start. You can enjoy various styles, but you must set a direction and a unique style so your project goes smoothly. Setting a budget that fits your style and stipulates a time limit to avoid financial problems is also important. Check out prices for things like paint, furniture, wallpaper, chandeliers and based on this knowledge, start assembling your budget. Always consider the space you are working with. When decorating a room, always consider the size of the room. You do not want to face problems of limiting space after you have already purchased something.

    Here are some interior design tips on a budget, provided by Blair Stover:

    •  Reorganizing furniture: You wouldn’t believe how different a house looks when you just move some furniture around.
    • Paint your walls: This can do a lot for the appearance of a home. Just ensure that the walls match or furniture or vice versa.
    • Add wall paintings: Throwing a huge wall painting can take your guests mind off everything else.
    • Décor candles: These are for special occasions like holidays.
    • Adding simple carpets: Just a simple carpet will go a long way in adding a spruced up look to your house.
    • Plants: Adding plants to an area will make any room come alive.
    • Replace simple things: You never have to buy a new door or new cabinets and such. Just buy the doorknobs and pulls – it makes a huge difference.

    You can check more about this at Blair Stover Crunchbase Blog

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  2. Decorating Your Bedroom with Purple

    December 22, 2012 by BlairStover

    Purple is known as the color of royalty as well as a color that is liked by people all over the world. It is because of these facts that people are using the color to decorate their homes. Blair Stover shows us some tips on how we can decorate a room using the color purple.

    Remember that you do not need to break the bank when you are decorating, no matter what color you use. All you need is some imagination and a little motivation and you can accomplish anything. Also keep in mind that combining colors shouldn’t be a nightmare. Patience is the key with this sort of task.

    Wall decoration: You must always start with seeing what options you have when decorating with purple. It can range from wallpapering, to using vinyl stickers or changing color contrast. Make sure you choose whatever option will suit you best.

    Trimmings: The two biggest trimmings that you could accentuate your room with when using the color purple is curtains and cushions. You can use two different shades if you like or you can use a lighter shade for one and a darker shade for another. You can mix things up so they will suit the other items that are purple in the room. You can even go with a purple carpet!

    Furniture: Your furniture may convey the colors in your room. In fact, if you have any older plastic or wooden furniture that needs a touch up, paint it purple. Changing bed sheets or even painting your bed posts could be a thought as well.

    You can check more about this at Blair Stover Interior Design

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  3. Home Decorations for Christmas

    December 20, 2012 by BlairStover

    It’s Christmas time again which means it’s time for the red, green, and gold to start going up. For most people, this time of year is always the more decorative. For some, more means better, while others prefer to go simpler. Whatever the preference, decorating for Christmas is fun for everyone, and the opportunities to put a bit of holiday spirit are endless.

    Here are a few unique ideas and places for Christmas décor that we’ve compiled here at Blair Stover Interior Design:

    1.     Coffee Table: Placemats and table cloth are the basis for the festive table. You can try a nice blanket with silver ornaments. And in between, you can mix glass beads or stones of different sizes into the fray. Make sure you have some festive dishes out to display as well.

    2.     Napkins: Napkins should be placed on the plates but they should be of fabric. Decorating napkin holders as well is a good idea.

    3.     Wreaths: Gold and glitter is always a safe choice and wreaths wrapped in garland along with silver and gold decorations attached are also a classy addition. Try tying an angel in the middle of the wreath to accentuate the piece.

    4.     Stars: Brushwood is a very popular choice for the holidays and you can buy these in retail or craft shops. Decorate it as you see fit.

    5.     Ornaments: Christmas ball aren’t just for the tree. Grab a pile of them and place them in a glass bowl. You can mix the colors up or just have one main color.
    You can check more about this at Blair Stover News Release

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  4. Tips on Finding the Right Sectional Sofa

    December 17, 2012 by BlairStover

    How wide should your sofa seat be? What does the back feel like? And which angle is ideal for your legs? Finding the best sectional sofa for you is about answer what you want. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to a sofa and different sofas serve different functions. So what is the right model and how do you choose it?

    Take a look at a few tips we’ve compiled here on Blair Stover Interior Design for finding the best sofa for your room and your comfort.

    1.     Make sure your legs and back are at the proper angle. Seat height and seat depth should be adjusted individually but the backrest should be at least shoulder high. Particularly small people should not sit too low – otherwise the legs will sit and dangle in the air. Often times, the back areas of sectional sofas are slightly inclined to the rear.

    2.     Smaller sectional sofas are great. Buying a sofa to suit storage areas created for all types of rooms will end up saving you money in the long run. A compact sectional sofa is cheaper and will also save you space in a tiny apartment or house.

    3.     Inner values count. Whether you decide to buy a broad or narrow sofa, make sure you buy one using the adequate amount of space you need, especially in households with children. You should take the time to sit down and extensively test the product before buying it to ensure that you find the right sectional sofa.

    You can check more about this at Blair Stover Redorbit Blog Page

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  5. DIY Lighted Rope Decoration Ideas

    December 14, 2012 by BlairStover

    Thanksgiving has passed and the big holiday is upon us. Since Christmas is less than a month away, now is a great time to get your home ready for the festivities at hand. How would you like your home to look this Christmas? Are you the type that likes to just lay out a candle or two with a tree? Maybe you like to go all out with decorating? No matter the type, Blair Stover has a great idea that is easy to make and beautifully appealing.

    A “rope light strand” could be the perfect answer to what you have been missing in previous years. You can create it in minutes and the finished product is stylish and festive as it will meet any household’s holiday decorating needs. Here is how you make a simple rope light strand:

    1.     Take one long string of lights and combine it with a thick horse or cattle rope. Make sure both are the same length and just weave them so they are wrapped around each other. You should start with the light’s female end and start weaving. Just make sure they both end up being the same length.

    2.     Hang your light strand up or you can make a design of anything you wish. Using colors wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

    This DIY light strand is simple and can be done with a minimal amount of work. Steal the show by bringing out something unique and watch your guests marvel at it. The best part is that it hardly costs anything.

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  6. Finding Furniture That Fits Your Small Home

    December 10, 2012 by BlairStover

    When you have a small living area to work with, you may ask yourself, “What kind of furniture or décor can I use to suit my taste and keep my room from being overcrowded?” This is when your creativity and imagination comes into play.

    Blair Stover has plenty of tips below to help you decorate the perfect room, no matter the size.

    1.     Multi-functional furniture. Do things not fit? Do they match? When buying furniture, make sure you choose multi-use furniture and fixtures. For example, the radiator for the bathroom is also a towel rail. The bedroom dresser can be used as a make-up and dressing table and bedside table can serve as a medicine cabinet.

    2.     Extracting cabinets installed. The nice thing about this is that this is not directly on the wall. Tailored kitchens are usually done by a kitchen designer and the installation is performed by a specialist.

    3.     Waste sorting. Built-in waste bins will allow a space-saving separation for waste. Integrate the waste bins under the sink. The pull system consists of three removable containers and ensures room for environmentally conscious waste separation.

    4.     Large tiles, bright colors. Do you have small bathroom and small tiles? That isn’t a good idea because it makes the room look like a tiny washroom. Combine large tiles and choose bright, cool colors. Another tip: you can lay the tiles down diagonally and this will allow you cheat visually.

    How do you make a small space look bigger? Share your tips below!

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  7. Decorating for Christmas

    December 7, 2012 by BlairStover

    With Christmas right around the corner, decorating ideas for your home will come in very handy if you look to inspire guests and family. The anticipation of the most wonderful time of the year means that everyone is scrambling to decorate their house with Christmas cheer. Blair Stover has more on how you can decorate for Christmas, below.

    The outside may be bitterly cold, but the inside should be a warm and inviting area. The air should be filled with the smell of Christmas cookies and your surroundings should have decorations everywhere. Blair Stover has selected some fantastic decorating Ideas to give you a heavenly holiday season without breaking the bank.

    1. Tree (sits about 18 inches), wreath and garland (3 to the set): Everything is decorated with festive balls, real cones, artificial berries, stars, bows and color-coordinated copper candles.
    2. Tealight Angels: The angels sit on balls that are designed for putting candles in.
    3. Tealight Holder: comes in a Christmas star shape and they are nicely decorated with pine branches and plastic balls.
    4. Christmas Pyramid: 4-storied, made of natural wood, handmade and hand painted. Turns the nativity scene into a 3-floor character show, driven by the resulting updraft of 6 candles flame.
    5. Snowmen trio on a tree-stand base: This creative Christmas tree stand completes your festive decoration. Beautiful and practical: Made of heavy cast stone, hand painted.
    6. Santa Claus bowl: Presents sweet Christmas treats in a fun but decorative way. Made of polyresin.
    7. Christmas Plate: The treats are twice as good with these plates as each round Christmas dish is decorated with style and care and gives any table or sideboard an extra holiday kick. Made of fine ceramics and are usually hand painted.
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  8. 5 Reasons to Have a Granite Kitchen Counter

    December 3, 2012 by BlairStover

    In recent years, the use of granite in the production of built-in sinks and kitchen tops has become increasingly popular. Granite is a coarse crystalline rock of igneous origin. It is used because of the high strength and low wear, and in polished form it is great for the use as a sturdy, cool to the touch top for counters, dressers, and even floors.

    Granite is, in most cases, coarse to medium-grained and the distribution of minerals in the rock is very even. The included minerals that are largely responsible for the wavy appearance of granite slabs range from a few millimeters to several centimeters in diameter. Each piece is, thus, unique.

    Due to the hardness, strength and weather resistance, granites are widely used in certain trades and construction. The advantage of granite in the kitchen is that it is very durable, easy to clean and does not absorb odors. Because each piece of granite is unique as well, granite adds a bit of personalization to a kitchen or dresser and can often be elegant, classic, as well as fun depending on the color and design of the slab chosen.

    The five most common reasons for choosing a granite counter top upgrade include:

    1.     Timeless beauty

    2.     Uniqueness

    3.     Adds Value

    4.     Sanitary

    5.     Durability

    Homes with granite show well and tend to impress. What do you think, though? Are you ready to upgrade to granite or will you be keeping what you have? Share your thoughts here with us at Blair Stover Interior Design.

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