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July, 2013

  1. Cover Up That Blank Wall

    July 26, 2013 by admin

    Staring at a blank wall is almost as bad as staring outside a window that faces a brick wall. It is time that you take back your creative spirit and spruce up your walls using a little bit of decorative pizzazz and ingenuity. Here are some ways fun ways we’ve found to brighten the view, here at Blair Stover:

    1. Stylish Silhouettes. Get creative with shapes. For example, try using appliance and cooking utensil cutouts as the subject matter. Back them up with photocopied pages from old cookbooks.
    2. Attention Grabbers. Oversize pieces of artwork are perfect and can bring  boldness to a more neutral styled room.
    3. Tiled Artwork. Do something that catches the eye. If you want to bring a farm look, a barn would be optimal.
    4. DIY Botanical Prints. Plastic or silk greenery laid on a white canvas will give you a beautiful silhouette.
    5. Artsy Calendars. A calendar can function as a piece of art just like anything else can.
    6. Sun Photo Prints. Photo sensitive paper can work wonders for a bland wall.
    7. A Bit of Nature. Make sure you take nature and bring it inside. A magnificent view can brighten any wall.
    8. Laying the Plans. Take a trip to flea markets and antique shops. Finding vintage blueprints or maps could actually double as perfect wall art and add a fun theme to a room.
    9. Natural Beauty. Vintage botanical prints can cost next to nothing these days. Or even try a vase of live flowers.
    10. Small Space Décor. Floating shelves can do a lot for a bare wall. Decorate them with small pictures or knick-knacks.
    11. Upper Gallery. That space near the top of your wall (near the ceiling) that seem to never get used are perfect for wall art or even trinkets.

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  2. Decorating Don’t’s

    July 9, 2013 by admin

    Making your space your own is important. No matter your style or taste, however, Blair Stover recommends taking a look at these decorating dont’s that every person should try to avoid. While perhaps not always applicable in every situation, these tips can help avoid a disaster of a decorating attempt.

    Living room

    First, do not shortchange your space. In other words, do not feel limited by size. The notion of using small furniture for a small room is a myth. Doing so can even make a small room feel more slight.

    Something else to avoid is to avoid copy-catting. It is great to get ideas from other places. You should, however, avoid attempting a carbon copy of a space you saw elsewhere. A person’s house should reflect them. Personal touches should come from you. Also, it is okay to mix styles.

    Next, don’t overlook accessories. Without accessorizing a room, it will be left with a sterile, cold feeling. So have fun with throw pillows, photos, candles, vases and throw blankets. Make a display of a personal collection.

    As you go to place your furniture in a space, avoid pushing it all against the wall. If a room’s edges are covered in furniture, you will have a space that feels more like a waiting room than a warm, inviting space. Consider how to place your furniture in settings where people could have conversations. Angle your furniture and remember to keep groupings intimate so that people are not calling across the room to be heard.

    Lastly, don’t start with a paint color. This is a common decorating mistake. Do not lock yourself into the wrong paint color. Choose your paint color last. By then, you will have a clear idea of what is going in the room, the quantities of each color and which color will best tie things together.

    What are your decorating don’ts, or do’s, to give to those looking to remodel, redecorate, or decorate the first time around?

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