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August, 2013

  1. Multi-Purpose Web Platforms

    August 28, 2013 by admin

    Interior design isn’t just about your home! For many, their blog is as much a part of their life as their living room, so here’s a bit of news on the “interior design” front of web design for you all.

    Finding a theme that will do most of what you need and then customizing the rest is hard work. Preserving the interaction and design goodness in your theme should be your end result but most people don’t have the time or skills needed to even perform simple things like recreate demos. As Blair Stover describes below, DMS (or Design Management System) could be the answer to many issues.

    DMS can be installed into WordPress like any other theme. That is, however, where all the resemblance between the two ends. DMS creates a certain interface with drag-and-drop components when building your site. In all actuality, DMS transforms the construction and design of a WordPress site from the usual back-end process into a front-end experience. The immediate feedback will give you a tremendous amount of development time back as it takes a lot of the guesswork out of designing a site.

    For people who are unsure how websites are made, there are two categories, dynamic and static. Static sites are made to not change very often. The layout and visual effect is minimal and is usually based on screen size. Google, for example, doesn’t like static sites because it wants your website to be very specific and updated frequently. Static sites are not like that – only dynamic sites are and DMS will help you with that change.

    There is plenty of complexity behind the scenes when it comes to trying to make something user friendly. A great example is WordPress because the system needs to manage a massive amount of files. In most cases, there are several places you can look when changes to configuration settings happen. The problem is that you don’t always see the change right off the bat. DMS covers this area and much more.

    While DMS is still fairly new the service is gaining in popularity. Will you be using DMS or will you be sticking with WordPress or pre-packaged themes?

    For More Information about Interior Design, you can visit Blair Stover Interior Design Blog

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  2. Tips for Making a Small Bathroom Appear Larger

    August 9, 2013 by admin

    Do you wish your bathroom was bigger? Blair Stover outlines some tips that will help your bathroom appear larger without having to actually knock out a wall. Making simple changes, such as hanging streamlined vertical mirrors, can help to make your small bathroom look much bigger and more spacious.

    English: Black and white tiles bathroom

    English: Black and white tiles bathroom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


    Begin your bathroom make-over by showing a little more wall space. Bathroom cabinet doors tend to visibly weigh down a smaller bathroom. Installing a furniture style of vanity keeps the look lighter and more open. You can still use baskets for storage so that you do not lose valuable storage space.

    In addition to this, many vanities of this type are equipped with small drawers. Drawers placed off to the sides would be ideal in keeping the unit looking open and airy. Even a fabric curtain to hide under-sink storage allows a softer, more open feeling than traditional cabinets. Keeping with this idea, a pedestal sink, or two, opens up a small bathroom space. Using a traditional style sink often obscures the view of other fixtures in the space.

    A simple way to make a dynamic change is to pluck out a few of your existing tiles and replace them with decorative glass tiles. Use differing glass tiles for a mosaic motif. This is a fabulous way to take mundane tile work vibrant and artistic.

    Additionally, an unexpected light fixture, such as a chandelier can add some shimmer to your bathroom space. A skylight is another way to add a splash of natural light into the area. More light makes a room feel larger.

    You can check more about this at Blair Stover Site

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