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5 Reasons to Have a Granite Kitchen Counter

December 3, 2012 by BlairStover

In recent years, the use of granite in the production of built-in sinks and kitchen tops has become increasingly popular. Granite is a coarse crystalline rock of igneous origin. It is used because of the high strength and low wear, and in polished form it is great for the use as a sturdy, cool to the touch top for counters, dressers, and even floors.

Granite is, in most cases, coarse to medium-grained and the distribution of minerals in the rock is very even. The included minerals that are largely responsible for the wavy appearance of granite slabs range from a few millimeters to several centimeters in diameter. Each piece is, thus, unique.

Due to the hardness, strength and weather resistance, granites are widely used in certain trades and construction. The advantage of granite in the kitchen is that it is very durable, easy to clean and does not absorb odors. Because each piece of granite is unique as well, granite adds a bit of personalization to a kitchen or dresser and can often be elegant, classic, as well as fun depending on the color and design of the slab chosen.

The five most common reasons for choosing a granite counter top upgrade include:

1.     Timeless beauty

2.     Uniqueness

3.     Adds Value

4.     Sanitary

5.     Durability

Homes with granite show well and tend to impress. What do you think, though? Are you ready to upgrade to granite or will you be keeping what you have? Share your thoughts here with us at Blair Stover Interior Design.

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