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Blues are ‘in’ for Fall 2012

October 5, 2012 by BlairStover

You will find blue as one of the colors that will be “in” this fall. One of the season’s top hues is Olympian Blue, as found on the Greek flag, as reported by Pantone which is a company that maintains and develops color management systems utilized by designers. In addition to Olympian Blue, bloggers in the fashion world have reported from the runways that they are finding teals and peacock blues, which are watery deep blues with a hint of green in them.

The majority of homeowners, however, do not wish to alter the interior of their home with each passing trend. Thus, Blair Stover will show you how to make some small changes for a big effect that you can use to incorporate these new “it” colors into your home décor.

Begin by choosing just one of the blues listed here: Carribean Blue Water 2055-30 (Benjamin Moore); Peacock Blue GLB01 (Glidden), Tidal Teal 5006-8B (Valspar); or Hyper Blue SW 6965 (Sherwin-Williams). By simply painting one accent wall in your bedroom teal, you can pair it with a curtain of spicy yellows and oranges for a look of distant places.

With a look this bold, you would want to have the floor remain a lighter, neutral color and keep artwork and accessories minimal. Choose just a handful of pieces to refrain from a look that becomes too busy. A great amount of intense color in a room can overwhelm a space.

But, you can be bold in wall color of an entire room and still have a soothing feel to the room if you keep the rest of the décor neutral, simple and light. For example, if painting a whole room Peacock Blue, keep the sofa a simple white with neutral accent pillows.

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