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Bring Spring Indoors With These Great Decorating Tips

March 15, 2014 by admin

Do you long for a breath of spring? Now you can have spring indoors no matter what the weather is doing outside! Here are five easy tips to bring spring into your home before the weather cooperates.

1) Dress up your windows with beautiful wallpaper shades! If you really want a way to add color to a room, liven up your plain white window shades with a bright spring wallpaper. By covering the shades and lowering them slightly, you create instant interest, especially in a room dominated by neutral tones.

2) Paint furniture white. If you have inexpensive pieces that need a retouch, quickly paint them white and add pops of color atop them with photo frames, vases and other bric-a-brac. The white will bring a light, airy feel to the room.

3) Reupholster with old curtains. Do you have a bright curtain that simply does not match your décor but that you are reluctant to give away or throw out? Try using curtain material, which is often thick and durable, as covering for an accent chair or even a love seat. The bright prints you find in curtains make a great way to bring color into a room. You can have the chair reupholstered professionally or make your own slipcover, depending on your abilities.

4) Mix and match bedding or pillows. Mixing and matching your bedding, pillows or other accent pieces makes for a nice, inexpensive change and can set the tone for the whole room. If you do not already have a comforter lurking in storage, hit a white sale and find one. If that is too expensive for your spring redecorating budget, consider adding a “runner”—a piece that goes across the foot of the bed—in a contrasting shade or just grab, or make, a few throw pillows in bright fabrics.

5) Hang groupings on your wall. Most of us think of hanging pictures when we think of walls, but other objects also make great focal points. Bright plates, handmade quilt blocks or even wrought-iron plant pot holders are great grouped together, and best of all, these groups do not have to match!
As you swing into spring, share some of your favorite decorative ideas and tell us how you bring the bright light and colors of the season into your home.

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