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  1. Cover Up That Blank Wall

    July 26, 2013 by admin

    Staring at a blank wall is almost as bad as staring outside a window that faces a brick wall. It is time that you take back your creative spirit and spruce up your walls using a little bit of decorative pizzazz and ingenuity. Here are some ways fun ways we’ve found to brighten the view, here at Blair Stover:

    1. Stylish Silhouettes. Get creative with shapes. For example, try using appliance and cooking utensil cutouts as the subject matter. Back them up with photocopied pages from old cookbooks.
    2. Attention Grabbers. Oversize pieces of artwork are perfect and can bring  boldness to a more neutral styled room.
    3. Tiled Artwork. Do something that catches the eye. If you want to bring a farm look, a barn would be optimal.
    4. DIY Botanical Prints. Plastic or silk greenery laid on a white canvas will give you a beautiful silhouette.
    5. Artsy Calendars. A calendar can function as a piece of art just like anything else can.
    6. Sun Photo Prints. Photo sensitive paper can work wonders for a bland wall.
    7. A Bit of Nature. Make sure you take nature and bring it inside. A magnificent view can brighten any wall.
    8. Laying the Plans. Take a trip to flea markets and antique shops. Finding vintage blueprints or maps could actually double as perfect wall art and add a fun theme to a room.
    9. Natural Beauty. Vintage botanical prints can cost next to nothing these days. Or even try a vase of live flowers.
    10. Small Space Décor. Floating shelves can do a lot for a bare wall. Decorate them with small pictures or knick-knacks.
    11. Upper Gallery. That space near the top of your wall (near the ceiling) that seem to never get used are perfect for wall art or even trinkets.

    You can check more about this at Blair Stover Blog

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  2. Home Design Trends for Summer 2013

    June 26, 2013 by admin

    So rich! #interior #designs #diningroom #dinin...

    So rich! (Photo credit: Wickerfurniture)

    Summer 2013 is officially in full swing and interior design couldn’t be any bigger. For those looking for a fresh, bright new change this year, summer is a great time to add something fun. Whether it’s a new look or a renovation, many take advantage of the sunny days to craft a new look in their living rooms to help carry the feel of summer over into the colder months.

    For those looking for what’s hot in the home right now, we’ve compiled some of the biggest trends here on Blair Stover Interior Designs. Which summer trend are you thinking about incorporating in your own home?

    1. Emerald and Blue. Color is very important. These top two tones don’t have to be used together but look great if you do! When redecorating with blue, be advised that there are plenty of shades that are in fashion. This gives you a significant amount of freedom when choosing how to decorate your living area. This is perfect when you want to go with a two-tone look. When using emerald, accessories are the key here. Using a neutral base color and then having emerald there to create a certain “splash” to accentuate things will really make a mark.
    2. Natural Materials. The rusty, earthy look is definitely in this summer. Wood is a great choice because of its versatility. Having wooden floors along with a wooden coffee table is a great way to start out because it allows you to choose the shade and finish.
    3. Patterns. Versatility is the key here and if you like being bold, then patterns are the way to go. Accessories with patterns are also a nice, more toned down, touch to any part of your living room. For instance, cushion covers, a patterned wall or stylish throws would be a perfect way to get the look you want.
    4. Botanicals. There is no need to get loud when it comes to botanicals. Small flowers or plants will do the trick just the same. For those who are looking to go bold, however, consider patterns with leafy or flowered accents.


    For More Information about Home Designs, you can visit Blair Stover Interior Design

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  3. How to Create the Perfect Family Sitting Room

    January 2, 2013 by BlairStover

    As a family seeks to create the ideal room to enjoy, they quickly realize there are numerous options which contribute to the end result. These range from the sort of sofa, the color scheme, the entertainment system, etc. Each will have an impact on the overall feel of the room. Follow these suggestions from Blair Stover to create the perfect family room that will assuredly become the most popular room in the house.

    Begin by considering the size of the room you are working with. Whether the room is large or more compact, it can be designed in a way that will allow a feeling of comfort rather than feeling cramped. So, if the room is a bit smaller you will want to steer toward furniture that is more compact yet fully functional, like two-seater sofas and armchairs. Thus, you will expose more floor space which will create the illusion of a bigger room. Also, consider mounting the television on the wall rather than taking up additional space with a TV stand.

    Stick with a neutral color scheme. This will encourage an atmosphere of relaxation which will be inviting for the family to spend evenings together. This also can make a smaller room appear larger with an airy feeling and by radiating light. A larger room can be made to feel cozier by using darker colors.

    Many homes nowadays have open-plan living areas which incorporate the kitchen, living room and dining room. If this is true of your home, be sure to consider a dining table in your furnishings. Dining sets are available in many options and for any size family.

    Make the room perfect for your family by adding personal touches. Incorporate souvenirs, family photos and heirlooms into the room. Consider using your children’s art as the featured pieces for the walls.

    How have you made your living or family sitting room the best room in the house? Share below in the comments to inspire others.

    You can check more about this at Blair Stover News

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  4. Home Decorations for Christmas

    December 20, 2012 by BlairStover

    It’s Christmas time again which means it’s time for the red, green, and gold to start going up. For most people, this time of year is always the more decorative. For some, more means better, while others prefer to go simpler. Whatever the preference, decorating for Christmas is fun for everyone, and the opportunities to put a bit of holiday spirit are endless.

    Here are a few unique ideas and places for Christmas décor that we’ve compiled here at Blair Stover Interior Design:

    1.     Coffee Table: Placemats and table cloth are the basis for the festive table. You can try a nice blanket with silver ornaments. And in between, you can mix glass beads or stones of different sizes into the fray. Make sure you have some festive dishes out to display as well.

    2.     Napkins: Napkins should be placed on the plates but they should be of fabric. Decorating napkin holders as well is a good idea.

    3.     Wreaths: Gold and glitter is always a safe choice and wreaths wrapped in garland along with silver and gold decorations attached are also a classy addition. Try tying an angel in the middle of the wreath to accentuate the piece.

    4.     Stars: Brushwood is a very popular choice for the holidays and you can buy these in retail or craft shops. Decorate it as you see fit.

    5.     Ornaments: Christmas ball aren’t just for the tree. Grab a pile of them and place them in a glass bowl. You can mix the colors up or just have one main color.
    You can check more about this at Blair Stover News Release

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  5. Tips on Finding the Right Sectional Sofa

    December 17, 2012 by BlairStover

    How wide should your sofa seat be? What does the back feel like? And which angle is ideal for your legs? Finding the best sectional sofa for you is about answer what you want. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to a sofa and different sofas serve different functions. So what is the right model and how do you choose it?

    Take a look at a few tips we’ve compiled here on Blair Stover Interior Design for finding the best sofa for your room and your comfort.

    1.     Make sure your legs and back are at the proper angle. Seat height and seat depth should be adjusted individually but the backrest should be at least shoulder high. Particularly small people should not sit too low – otherwise the legs will sit and dangle in the air. Often times, the back areas of sectional sofas are slightly inclined to the rear.

    2.     Smaller sectional sofas are great. Buying a sofa to suit storage areas created for all types of rooms will end up saving you money in the long run. A compact sectional sofa is cheaper and will also save you space in a tiny apartment or house.

    3.     Inner values count. Whether you decide to buy a broad or narrow sofa, make sure you buy one using the adequate amount of space you need, especially in households with children. You should take the time to sit down and extensively test the product before buying it to ensure that you find the right sectional sofa.

    You can check more about this at Blair Stover Redorbit Blog Page

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  6. Decorating for Christmas

    December 7, 2012 by BlairStover

    With Christmas right around the corner, decorating ideas for your home will come in very handy if you look to inspire guests and family. The anticipation of the most wonderful time of the year means that everyone is scrambling to decorate their house with Christmas cheer. Blair Stover has more on how you can decorate for Christmas, below.

    The outside may be bitterly cold, but the inside should be a warm and inviting area. The air should be filled with the smell of Christmas cookies and your surroundings should have decorations everywhere. Blair Stover has selected some fantastic decorating Ideas to give you a heavenly holiday season without breaking the bank.

    1. Tree (sits about 18 inches), wreath and garland (3 to the set): Everything is decorated with festive balls, real cones, artificial berries, stars, bows and color-coordinated copper candles.
    2. Tealight Angels: The angels sit on balls that are designed for putting candles in.
    3. Tealight Holder: comes in a Christmas star shape and they are nicely decorated with pine branches and plastic balls.
    4. Christmas Pyramid: 4-storied, made of natural wood, handmade and hand painted. Turns the nativity scene into a 3-floor character show, driven by the resulting updraft of 6 candles flame.
    5. Snowmen trio on a tree-stand base: This creative Christmas tree stand completes your festive decoration. Beautiful and practical: Made of heavy cast stone, hand painted.
    6. Santa Claus bowl: Presents sweet Christmas treats in a fun but decorative way. Made of polyresin.
    7. Christmas Plate: The treats are twice as good with these plates as each round Christmas dish is decorated with style and care and gives any table or sideboard an extra holiday kick. Made of fine ceramics and are usually hand painted.
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  7. Hints for a Perfect Living Room

    November 18, 2012 by BlairStover

    The living room is a space for socializing and relaxation, where you can read, watch TV, listen to music and chat with friends and family. Thus, today’s living rooms are made to be multi-functional. Optimal living room furniture creates a relaxed social environment. The furniture and color scheme of the living room should be comfortable and inviting as well. As Blair Stover explains below, having the right set up in your living room means everything.

    Reflective objects distribute energy. Objects with reflective properties such as glass, mirrors, crystal, or any other shiny metal surface are very powerful as it enables and distributes energy, especially in dark corners. With the use of large mirrors, rooms appear much larger.

    Helpful tips:

    • The seating area should not lie directly opposite the door. The sofa in the living room, if possible, should have a U-shape and no L-shape. An octagonal or round coffee table is optimal.
    • TV Cabinets with doors are recommended, as the quality of life can be improved without a television because it promotes social and family activities
    • Very large rooms with optical sharing plants, partitions, screens or consoles with flowers are perfect.
    • Use bright colors and lots of light throughout the room, where appropriate lighting is possible. Using a small amount of functional pieces of furniture makes the room look larger and higher.
    • Moving objects such as mobiles or chimes activate the Chi. People are more inclined to talk and be social in this atmosphere.

  8. How to Care for Wooden Floors

    November 2, 2012 by BlairStover

     A beautiful wood can be compared to a fine wine: it gains character and charm with age. But it still must be taken care of! Trampled, stained, scratched- it doesn’t matter. To maintain and make them last, you need to be sure they are regularly kept up but nothing really extravagant. Just take into account a simple criterion: the finish must be applied (varnish, oil or wax) and regular maintenance must be completed. Blair Stover has more tips below.

    Cleaning the floor – nothing could be easier! To do this, just dust on average once a week using a vacuum cleaner with a brush or a slightly damp mop. Never wash your wood floor with water.

    Clean is one thing, maintaining it is another. Again, no need to be a homemaker to fulfill this mission, but you must adopt the right thing and get the right products.

    Polished floors are increasingly rare because they are complicated to maintain and particularly fragile. They certainly provide an attractive surface, but they are slippery and have a nasty habit of staining when they come in contact with water.

    To ensure your polished floor stays clean and attractive, be sure to follow these tips:

    –   To extend the life of your floors and limit the damage, do not hesitate to store carpets everywhere and place pads under your furniture, particularly in those areas that you use to move tables, chairs.

    –       Always have the reflex to use only cleaning products adapted to your flooring. Detergent is too aggressive and will weaken your wood floors rather than give it a facelift.

    –       Never clean your floors with a lot of water! Although your floors are glazed or oiled strong enough, they cannot tolerate high humidity.

    –       To clean a stain on your recent further polished floor, it is recommended using a damp sponge.

  9. 5 Interior Wall Decoration Ideas

    October 9, 2012 by BlairStover

    Wanting to update your interior without spending a lot or doing a complete overhaul? There are several things you can do to spruce up a room without needing an intensive overhaul, all involving your walls. Here are the top five interior decorating designs we recommend here at Blair Stover Interior Designs.

    1.     Paint: Whether an accent wall, brightened up walls, or a painted design, paint can add color or tone down existing colors with the right application. A little bit of paint can be applied not just on the walls, however. If you have old furniture, painting it a new color can add that fresh of breath air you’re looking for. Or try adding a painting or two to create interest.

    2.     Lighting: Mood lighting can evoke any number of emotions. Try toning down the lights for a more intimate environment, or adding more light to brighten a place up. Also experiment with light fixtures. Vintage lamps can add character and class, while modern fixtures can give your room a sleek feel.

    3.     Mirrors: Mirrors are unusual in wall décor, especially when used in nontraditional ways. Try arranging your own mirrors into a unique pattern, or finding unique fixtures that can be accented with mirrors. In many ways, mirrors are useful as well, giving you and guests a chance to make sure you look great before headed out.

    4.     Shelving: Bookshelves, cabinets, and shelving can provide extra space as well as break up loud accent walls. You can also coordinate décor on the shelves to match or contrast the rest of the theme of your room.

    5.     Wall Décor: An oldie but a goodie, adorning the walls with unique décor can be fun and add several elements of interest to your rooms. Metal blocks can be fun and unique, and can add an element that not many would have thought of. Clocks can also come in unique shapes and act as décor as well. If you’re looking for a bit more traditional, pictures and paintings are also good options.

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  10. Living Room Decorating Tips

    September 28, 2012 by BlairStover

     Every person is constantly looking for decorating tips for the home, especially in the living room. Blair Stover has come up with some great ideas that will turn your living area into a personalized, comfortable space to entertain, live, and relax. Check out these helpful tips below.

    • Sofas, armchairs and chairs should be arranged so that all of them sit facing each other and form (more or less) a rectangle. In this classic arrangement, there are two sofas sitting opposite of each other.
    •  A graphic rug takes the classic look of white and throws in the use of some color accents. This can add a pop of color as well as interest to a color scheme.
    •  Think in groups: Candlesticks look beautiful when in three or more. The same goes for vases, tea lights and other decorative objects.
    •  Get an overview of the colors in your living room. What works best with the color walls or the color furniture? A color panel is composed of three to six shades. Look around your living room and try to figure out the most dominant colors. How many colors you use, ultimately, whether or not you put in a contrasting color, remains a matter of taste.
    •  Paintings are usually hung too high because they are hung up while in a standing position. Especially in the living room, it makes sense to hang the pictures so that they are sitting at eye level.
    •  Push all cables and power strips so they are well hidden.
    • Televisions are best sitting near the back or side of the window. The ideal distance is about five to six times the picture height, with HD devices about three to four times the image height. Ideally, the TV to the floor distance should be about one meter.