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Choosing the Right Table for Your Dining Room

November 13, 2012 by BlairStover

In a dining room, the table is the centerpiece. How you choose that table will set the value you put in your style décor for your whole kitchen. As Blair Stover discusses below, your dining room table is going to set the tone for your entire kitchen lifestyle so make sure you get it right.

The dining room table selection process should be part of several criteria: budget, number of guests you will have scheduled on occasion, the maximum capacity of guests you receive, the space you have and the style of your dining room. The shape of the table depends on your taste, of course, but it also has endless possibilities to work with. The table can be round and warm and friendly as everyone can speak easily. It may have extensions that transform into an oval when you have guests.

The table can be square which is very easy to fit in any area and can have multiple uses: office space, drawing table, dressing in the room… The rectangular table is more formal but it can meet the needs of families. Against a wall with a bench, you may receive hungry people in the kitchen with breakfast and snacks and friends of your children.

Consoles can be transformed into tables, the tables pull into compact pieces and unpack at your leisure, zippers unfold to lay flat into end tables. If you receive lots or your space is limited, think about it! Some tables can disappear in the blink of an eye. This is extremely useful in small spaces.

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