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Decorating for Christmas

December 7, 2012 by BlairStover

With Christmas right around the corner, decorating ideas for your home will come in very handy if you look to inspire guests and family. The anticipation of the most wonderful time of the year means that everyone is scrambling to decorate their house with Christmas cheer. Blair Stover has more on how you can decorate for Christmas, below.

The outside may be bitterly cold, but the inside should be a warm and inviting area. The air should be filled with the smell of Christmas cookies and your surroundings should have decorations everywhere. Blair Stover has selected some fantastic decorating Ideas to give you a heavenly holiday season without breaking the bank.

  1. Tree (sits about 18 inches), wreath and garland (3 to the set): Everything is decorated with festive balls, real cones, artificial berries, stars, bows and color-coordinated copper candles.
  2. Tealight Angels: The angels sit on balls that are designed for putting candles in.
  3. Tealight Holder: comes in a Christmas star shape and they are nicely decorated with pine branches and plastic balls.
  4. Christmas Pyramid: 4-storied, made of natural wood, handmade and hand painted. Turns the nativity scene into a 3-floor character show, driven by the resulting updraft of 6 candles flame.
  5. Snowmen trio on a tree-stand base: This creative Christmas tree stand completes your festive decoration. Beautiful and practical: Made of heavy cast stone, hand painted.
  6. Santa Claus bowl: Presents sweet Christmas treats in a fun but decorative way. Made of polyresin.
  7. Christmas Plate: The treats are twice as good with these plates as each round Christmas dish is decorated with style and care and gives any table or sideboard an extra holiday kick. Made of fine ceramics and are usually hand painted.
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