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How to Select the Right Kitchen Table

November 26, 2012 by BlairStover

Think about the place everyone always seems to gather in your home. For most, it is the kitchen table. From board games, to projects, and family meals, this piece of furniture is definitely a multi-tasking piece. As so much time is spent at this one piece of furniture, choosing just the right kitchen table is essential.

It is important to select a table that meets both your needs and your style. If you have shopped the choices, you know the sizes and aesthetics seem endless. Blair Stover can guide you in selecting the right kitchen table for your home.

Begin by measuring the size of your breakfast nook or kitchen. It is ideal to have a three-foot range around the table and the surrounding walls or cabinets. Otherwise, pushing the chair out while sitting in it could get awkward.

The shape you choose can assist your design purpose. If your purpose is to separate a living area from the kitchen, then a rectangle shaped table is best. If you have a larger kitchen and wish to break up the space, placing the table in the center, a round table would be best.

Finally, think about the sort of activities that occur at your kitchen table. If you have children who typically use the kitchen table for crafts, homework or games, you will want a tabletop that is very durable. Consider a tabletop of tile, marble, or polyurethane coated woods. These tops will be protected against spills and marks. A plastic or metal table could even fit your style, if your home is contemporary. The bottom line is to decide upon a table that can stand up to what your family will dish out.

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