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How to Work Pink into Your Whole House

September 3, 2012 by BlairStover

Pink is known as an all-around good color. In fact, you can associate it with things like babies, femininity, spring, good health and love. If you go for a hot pink look, you will signify passion, fun and energy with your décor. From the hottest magenta to its most pale blush, pink is a comforting, soothing and warm color to have in your home. Blair Stover breaks down the reasons to use this great color below.

The basic pink look is a simple mix of white and red, however its bluer hues steer closer to the purple side of the color family. If you look at the yellow version of pink, beige is more the color you will see. And let’s not forget salmon pink, which is more of an orange pink.

Pink is one of those colors that vary widely and there really isn’t a color that you can compare to it. Actually, you just can’t pair pink with any other color. It takes a special mix to make it work. Green and pink are a type of “heavenly” color and both are making a huge color comeback in the décor world. You can match orange and pink up to make a room sizzle and pink and gold would look awesome in any hue.

Pink is a color that is making a comeback everywhere- Versailles to Sante Fe; India to Mexico; Manhattan lofts to little kids rooms. It is considered a versatile color, not a retreating color. It doesn’t matter how you use it, it will make itself known. There is just no reason not to use it.

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