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Living Room Decorating Tips

September 28, 2012 by BlairStover

 Every person is constantly looking for decorating tips for the home, especially in the living room. Blair Stover has come up with some great ideas that will turn your living area into a personalized, comfortable space to entertain, live, and relax. Check out these helpful tips below.

  • Sofas, armchairs and chairs should be arranged so that all of them sit facing each other and form (more or less) a rectangle. In this classic arrangement, there are two sofas sitting opposite of each other.
  •  A graphic rug takes the classic look of white and throws in the use of some color accents. This can add a pop of color as well as interest to a color scheme.
  •  Think in groups: Candlesticks look beautiful when in three or more. The same goes for vases, tea lights and other decorative objects.
  •  Get an overview of the colors in your living room. What works best with the color walls or the color furniture? A color panel is composed of three to six shades. Look around your living room and try to figure out the most dominant colors. How many colors you use, ultimately, whether or not you put in a contrasting color, remains a matter of taste.
  •  Paintings are usually hung too high because they are hung up while in a standing position. Especially in the living room, it makes sense to hang the pictures so that they are sitting at eye level.
  •  Push all cables and power strips so they are well hidden.
  • Televisions are best sitting near the back or side of the window. The ideal distance is about five to six times the picture height, with HD devices about three to four times the image height. Ideally, the TV to the floor distance should be about one meter.

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