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Organizing Tips for Small Spaces

October 30, 2012 by BlairStover

We all need space in and outside the home: discover all the places you never have considered before. There is a right place for each of them- it is just a matter of finding it. Blair Stover explains it all below.

The space under the stairs to the alcove in the bedroom, from the covered porch to the small laundry room on the ground floor, the stairs to the small corridor: intelligent, practical and functional spaces that can be used with containers, cabinets and shelves. Organizing is an excellent solution when you want to stow things without necessarily having to hide them. If you look carefully, you will notice that your home or office actually has room for everything: so enjoy being organized!

Do you have a lot more clothes than space available? Then it’s time to begin organizing your wardrobe with bins and drawers to set up to exploit the depth and width of your cabinets perfectly. Containers in different sizes, small enough for your accessories (belts, necklaces, socks…) and those great enough for all bedding and bath textiles (bed linen, towels, blankets) are available: an extensive range of modular and complementary colored and transparent products, with or without wheels will barely make a dent in your pocket.

From coats, sweaters and scarves, you will have everything cleared away in a few minutes. You only need a few containers; something good will come of all this and it starts with a sense of organization: a free path for T-shirts, sleeveless shirts and thong sandals.

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