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Organizing Your Laundry Room

January 17, 2013 by BlairStover

A well fitted laundry room helps you take care of your family’s clothes with more practicality. In the bargaining process of things, you can save on water and electricity while you do it. Here are some tips, provided by Blair Stover that will help you organize your laundry room:

·      Have buckets handy: two dark for cleaning the house and two clear for washing clothes

·      Dust mop: to reach those difficult places and it is ideal to dust books, chandeliers, paintings and curtains

·      Keep cleaning products together by type of use. For instance, package up things that you use to clean the kitchen in one area and things that you use to clean the bathroom in another.

·      Leave open boxes and cleaning materials out of reach of children and pets.

·      Place items used less often in a closet

·      Install a rack near the ironing board and if you have one keep the ironing board tucked behind the door

·      Have two laundry baskets for dirty clothes, one for whites and one for darks

·      Hang mops and brooms on hooks

·      Touch up closets, washer dryer and the wall by cleaning

Now would be a good opportunity to save some money on electricity and water.

·      Wait and gather enough clothing and wash everything at the same time

·      Let things soak in the tank or bucket and use the same water to scrub if you are cleaning something other than clothes

·      Just go to an open faucet when rinsing the soapy clothes. You never want to throw your clothes into the washer for another cycle

·      Take advantage of maximum capacity when using the washer and dryer

·      Use the correct dosages of washing powder and fabric softener

·      Clean the washing machine and dryer filters as needed to prevent overworking the machines.
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