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Salary of an Interior Designer

September 24, 2012 by BlairStover

The salary of an interior designer can be very high provided the designer is working in the right position. Inside the interior design realm reside two major categories, and sub-categories are found from here. The main categories are commercial interior design and residential interior design. Read on as Blair Stover outlines the sectors of these categories.

Residential interior design has become more confusing than it has ever been before. Rather than simply picking out colors and draperies, interior design is a trade. If this is the overall area in which you wish to dedicate yourself, you are in a very different profession than interior design; you are actually in the profession of interior decoration.

The difference is that the trade of interior design the use of CAD, which encompasses the ability to site manage, technical knowledge about how things are constructed, meeting with contractors and architects, create tender drawings, handle budgeting. With all of this, the salary of a qualified interior designer can be quite high. An entry level position can begin around $27,536 with that of a lead designer earning as much as $80,950.

The other main category of interior design is commercial interior design. In this field, specialists skills and knowledge are necessary, thus the compensation can be much higher. Many sectors are under the umbrella of commercial design.

Once you direct your focus to one sector, it may be difficult to switch directions after a couple of years.  Overall, salaries are quite similar in each sector. One can expect to begin at $25,904, and the average salary of a creative director with fifteen years experience is $97,188.

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