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Simple Interior Design Tips to Classic French Décor

September 11, 2012 by BlairStover

The French are known for a lot of things and design is just another highlight. French interior designing can give your home or business the edge you have been looking for. The hand-made accessories, the valuable antiques and the well-made furniture is just the sophisticated look you are looking for but with a tad of “old world” beauty. Blair Stover has compiled a few tips to help you get started.

  1.  The Series. Your design palette will start off with natural ingredients. This can range from things like unfinished wood, tile countertops, stone walls or wooden beams. Walls are very rarely white- a creamy white or a classic antique finish is more appropriate. In fact, a cool gray or mustard yellow would be great colors for walls. Faux finishes, vintage fabrics and wallpaper, hand-painted borders and palette fading are all great ways to make your home stand out.
  2. Furniture and Textiles. You cannot get anymore “French” than with classic French furniture. Pieces are made of solid wood and they are lightly colored. You can often accent pieces with pillows, textiles, cushions and even pictures that breathe a “French” scene. Coffee tables, dining tables and sofas are perfect pieces to start with.
  3. Classic French Accessories. Hanging plants near a door or window could mean the difference in making your home seem dull or not. All you have to do is invest in a couple of pieces of hand-painted tiles along with some wild flowers in different jars or buckets. You wouldn’t believe the difference it makes.

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