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  1. Fall Color Schemes, Decorating Tips, and More

    September 13, 2013 by admin

    Spring and fall are the two times of year that people really get into decorating and redecorating their homes. With so many color schemes to choose from, picking the right one can be virtually impossible. As we explain here on Blair Stover, however, following some of these easy decorating tips could help you out a little.

    1. Khaki + Rustic Ruby. Any neutral palette will awaken with a pop of warm, rich coloring. Entice your living area with saturated accented colors that have brown undertones.
    2. Citrus Orange + Pale Peach. Earthy hues alone just won’t cut it. Make sure there is some warmth in there and use it with various shades.
    3. Driftwood + Weathered Walnut. Wood is the type of surface that will support almost anything, especially warm color palettes. Just don’t go too far to where your home looks like a cabin. Use wood-inspired colors and then throw in some earthy colors to accentuate the wood.
    4. Curry + Moroccan Red. A little bit of international inspiration can go a long way when choosing exotic and vibrant colors. Throw a little orange and red into the mix and you can turn any bland home into a beautiful setting.
    5. Barnwood + Rattan. Woven fabrics, metals, wicker and rattan can convey comfort. You can find that the most unusual of things can carry warm tones that will help balance out room comfort.
    6. Weathered Gray + Flax. Cool neutral colors can really help you turn down the heat, so to speak, and allow a home to be welcoming and still have a sophisticated edge.

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  2. Interior Design Ideas On a Budget

    December 26, 2012 by BlairStover

    Interior decorating is not straightforward, as there are numerous individual tastes to discover and understand. It all starts with your own style. When decorating your home, it takes time to find the style you would like to incorporate in the design, starting with colors, accessories, furniture, lighting, etc.

    You must know your taste, style and preferences before you start. You can enjoy various styles, but you must set a direction and a unique style so your project goes smoothly. Setting a budget that fits your style and stipulates a time limit to avoid financial problems is also important. Check out prices for things like paint, furniture, wallpaper, chandeliers and based on this knowledge, start assembling your budget. Always consider the space you are working with. When decorating a room, always consider the size of the room. You do not want to face problems of limiting space after you have already purchased something.

    Here are some interior design tips on a budget, provided by Blair Stover:

    •  Reorganizing furniture: You wouldn’t believe how different a house looks when you just move some furniture around.
    • Paint your walls: This can do a lot for the appearance of a home. Just ensure that the walls match or furniture or vice versa.
    • Add wall paintings: Throwing a huge wall painting can take your guests mind off everything else.
    • Décor candles: These are for special occasions like holidays.
    • Adding simple carpets: Just a simple carpet will go a long way in adding a spruced up look to your house.
    • Plants: Adding plants to an area will make any room come alive.
    • Replace simple things: You never have to buy a new door or new cabinets and such. Just buy the doorknobs and pulls – it makes a huge difference.

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  3. Thanksgiving Dinner Decorating Tips

    November 6, 2012 by BlairStover

     Thanksgiving is celebrated on the last Thursday of November in the United States. This is an opportunity to spend an evening with friends and it is an original day for eating certain foods that people are not necessarily used to enjoying year round!

    Thanksgiving is the symbolic origin for the Day of Thanksgiving founded in 1620, from the settlers from England, who landed in Plymouth Bay. They founded a colony, but were quickly confronted with a disease known as scurvy which is caused by a lack of food. They are then helped by Indians who taught them to fish, hunt and grow corn. In gratitude, during the fall of 1621, the settlers organized the first “Thanksgiving”, inviting the Indians to share their meals where wild turkeys were offered.

    What does one eat at the Thanksgiving meal?  The main dish is usually stuffed turkey, filled with chestnuts, sausage, apples, all served with a side of cranberry sauce. Vegetables like mashed sweet potatoes, mashed rutabagas, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn on the cob, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and apple cider are also perennial favorites.

    Thanksgiving is a big affair, and many people will decorate the table special for it. Here are some decorating tips provided by Blair Stover that you might want to follow this Thanksgiving to make your holiday a smooth one as well as a memorable one:

    1.     Know the table size along with the number of chairs you will need. Knowing how many guests you will have coming to your Thanksgiving party is very important.

    2.     Table linens. Try to use tablecloths that will go with the holiday and stay away from neutral colors.

    3.     Try candles. Candles can be a very decorative piece but don’t let it go overboard.

    4.     Lighting. Make sure your lighting is not bright but it is just good enough for a dinner party.

    5.     Music. Set the tone with some music.

    6.     Fragrance. Nothing says Thanksgiving like some scented candles.