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The Chesterfield Sofa is the New Modern Trend

September 7, 2012 by BlairStover

The Chesterfield furniture hype is at an all-time high and it is an icon that deserves to be examined more closely. In recent years, Chesterfield furniture has experienced a renaissance- and rightly so! Blair Stover has all the details below.

Most people go with the opinion of passionate interior bloggers and editors and expect that this trend will continue to intensify. In fact, Karen Walker, Alexander Wang and Mark Morrison are relevant Chesterfield fans.

Typical of a Chesterfield sofa is the buttoning, through which the leather or other fabric, such as velvet, is placed perfectly in wrinkles. Genuine Chesterfield furniture is comfortable and comes from England. Unfortunately, some providers see things differently and will sell supposedly authentic Chesterfields from Asia or the Eastern Block. These copies unfortunately cannot keep up with the high technical quality of the English originals.

Here is how you can recognize an original Chesterfield sofa from England.

  •  Ensure the selection is real. A good English factory manufactures many different Chesterfield sofas and chair models and process at least 20 shades of leather. An Asian furniture factory manufactures one, maybe two models each with three typical colors.
  •  The delivery time. When a piece of furniture comes from England, the transport takes maybe five weeks. When the goods come from Asia, you’re looking at least ten weeks.
  •  The details. English Chesterfield sofas have a frame of solid beech wood. The buttons are designed by skilled craftsmen and sewn several inches deep into the cushion.
  •  Forget the certificates. They are not worth the paper. Just pick the right dealer instead.

You can check more about this at Blair Stover Channel and also Blair Stover Facebook Profile for more updates.

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