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Tips on How to Design a Zen Bedroom

September 16, 2012 by BlairStover

If you are thinking about changing the way your bedroom looks, you can start by sitting down and deciding how things should flow. Blair Stover has all the details below.

Determine what the flooring should look like, what color the walls should be and if any special décor should be placed within the room. You want to stay away from granite and marble because these items are cold and the bedroom should be anything but cold. Try carpeting or hardwood as these materials work the best.

As far as coloring goes, the bright colors have no place in the bedroom. People usually have a bedroom for sleeping purposes and bright colors will make a person stay awake rather than put you to sleep. Go for the neutral colors like grays, white wines and beiges.

Your bed should have comfortable linens on it. Use the highest quality linens possible, along with a comfortable blanket. You can add a silky throw at the end of the bed to give your bed an expensive look without having to actually spend a lot.

If you want to go “green” with your bedroom, try woven shades. These are usually created from rattan and bamboo and they give off a beautiful look that goes with almost any style.

Using decorative pillows can add a lot of color to your bedroom as well. It can give your bedroom that extra pop you desire and it won’t break the bank either. However, when it all comes down to it the choice is yours to make. You must be comfortable with the decision of changing your bedroom around and if you are into bright colors- then go with it. If you are the kind of person that loves the oriental side of things- go with that. The boundaries are limitless.

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